by Erin on July 28, 2005

Balenciaga Dress
Whenever I am surprised by the lengths to which people will go to be difficult, even downright obstacular, I try to remember Balenciaga. When he was difficult, it was worth it.

For instance, look how difficult this dress is — no one could possibly call it simple. You might not even be able to lift your arms above your head in this. (But on the other hand, if you wear this dress, SOMEBODY will step up and hail you a taxi. In fact, taxis might just stop on the off-chance that you need one.) Look at all that ruching! Look at the fullness at the sides of the skirt! It's undeniably fussy but it does't look fussy. Maybe the difficult people I am dealing with are striving for the same effect? It's possible.

This picture is from a Royal Ontario Museum book project about second-hand clothes (somehow I don't think of BALENCIAGA when I think "second-hand clothes"). Click on it for more slightly more info (but not a whole bunch more).

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