by Erin on October 24, 2005

Vogue 6642

Isn't this gorgeous? Doesn't it make you want to wear flowers on a rubber band at your wrist and drink punch? Don't you wish you were in a gymnasium decorated in "Early Crepe Paper", listening to um, "Open Arms," by Journey? (My name is Erin, and I went to high school in the 1980s.)

Geez, I'd better stop before I turn into the Annie Potts character from Pretty in Pink. (I'm so conflicted about that movie: one the one hand, SEWING MONTAGE SCENE! On the other, worst.dress.ever. Also, I don't care what anyone says, Duckie had it all over what's-his-face.)

It's a teeny size but so adorable, and it's super-cheap for a pattern this great — $16! (from seller FullGarage on Ebay, click on the picture to check it out.) I LOVE the bodice, if I weren't so damn lazy about grading patterns I would buy it and put it on a pencil skirt as a cocktail dress.

Look at the gathers at the back of the skirt … so pretty, and so swishy when you walk. In the good way. Make this in taffeta for maximum swish! Or crepe-back satin, with the dull side out for that front bodice drape …

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