It’s a stretch, but …

by Erin on October 29, 2005

Lois Lane Test

Anyway, aside from the hysterically funny point of this comic book image, look at the dress Lois is wearing. I've been looking for that thirties-style pattern for a while now. A collared dress WITHOUT a front placket, with kimono sleeves. Isn't it cute?

I have no idea where this scan came from (other than from my friend Thad, hi Thad!) so I can't go find out how the rest of the dress was drawn in other panels, but I'm fairly certain it has a high curved midriff band and a narrow skirt with a pleated kickpanel in the back. Don't ask me how I know, I just do. Why do you think Superman loves Lois, anyway? It's the dresses!

The matching gloves and beret and the bumblebee tie are just icing.

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