Faith in Humanity, or at least Milly, Restored

by Erin on October 31, 2005

Milly Rose Dress Take Two
Okay. Remember the Milly dress in this same print that was just a waste of this excellent fabric? Well, obviously, this dress was the main event and that other one was just something to use up the leftover fabric (which explains why it was so skimpy). I still wish they had just given the leftover fabric to ME, but evidently the Milly designers don't read Dress A Day.

This one is available at for $345, but only in size six. (Another reason why I need a couple yards of this fabric for my very own.)

It has, according to the description, "ruched cap sleeves, sweetheart neckline, satin bow detail and front slit pockets." Two out of three isn't bad! (Why "they" feel sleeves have to be ruched this season, I have no clue.) However, I forgive much for pockets. Yay, pockets.

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