A Rose From Rose

by Erin on November 27, 2005

Anthropologie Empress Dress
Okay, actually, they're peonies (which I like more than roses, anyway) but isn't this a nice example of the dress I'm currently obsessed with? Rose let me know about it.

I like especially (you can't see it in the teen-einsy picture) that it fastens with side buttons. It's a nice detail, although it means you can't fudge the fit the way you sometimes can with a zipper, or the buttons will pop right off.

There's another very similar one in a nice blue-greeny print, too.

Luckily, hotpatterns.com say they will start shipping again Dec 1. Guess who will be feverishing hitting "Refresh" on their page to order their Boho dress pattern? I have the most perfect art deco steel grey and blue print for it …

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