It’s a Dress!

by Erin on January 24, 2006

Caroline Nie's Duro dress
Dress A Day is pleased to present its first offspring — that is, the first dress I know of that was made specifically in reference to a post here. Isn't that a great dress? [Name removed by request] of Hong Kong saw the post on Duro Olowu and thought "I need me one of those!" and — boom! — she got one made. (The benefits of living in Hong Kong!)

Needless to say, I'm very proud. I'd be passing out pink bubblegum cigars if I could. And I *love* the dress! Look how nicely the zebra stripes are placed. And that blue is just perfect!

She thought the background of the picture was too messy, because it was taken in the workroom, but I think the books and fabric and other dresses in the background just add to the coolth of the entire undertaking.

Have you made or found a dress because of something you've read here? Send me pictures! I want pictures! I may have to add this to my iPod photo album. "Here's my son, and here's Mr. Dress a Day, and here's a dress someone made because they read my blog!"

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