A Net Loss.

by Erin on February 24, 2006

tasteless dress
Well, you know it's a successful dress when you have to beat up a sailor AND a tourist-trap "Indian" to get the raw materials. Jesus Hieronymus Christ, this is the ugliest thing I've seen since the 1972 Naugahyde Alive! Festival.

I'm sure very few of you will be surprised that this gem is from Victoria's Secret, whose clothes often cover (or rather, don't cover) the large and expressive range between "skanky" and "trampy". (And I suppose the few of you who are surprised are wondering, jeez, how would you build a pole-dancing routine around *that*?)

Now, I'm not against sexy dresses — but you have to admit there's a gulf between "sexy" and "gynecological", and VS dresses often leap that gulf and keep right on running into WTF?-Land. And do you know why all the VS models have that exaggerated head-tilt? They're trying to keep their precious gray matter away from the clothes, that's why. It's not provocative, it's *protective*. They actually wear lead aprons between shots.

In fact, this dress is so horrible, I feel as if I have to present an antidote. Here, look:
Elie Saab dressWhew. Thank you, Elie Saab. Thank you.

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