Sometimes you gotta let ‘em go.

by Erin on February 25, 2006

ebay 8388513720

I really love this dress. I mean, it's adorable, isn't it? Look at the tucks, and the pleats on the skirt, and the print of little white diamonds (instead of round dots). The collar's rounded, and so are the dress cuffs, which fold back. The fabric is heavy, and the buttons nice. All in all, it's really a great dress! So why don't I ever wear it?

Well, it is a little too big for me. Not enough to make it look weird, but just enough to make it impossible for me to forget that it's not the right size. And it's not quite dressy enough for what I like to wear to work, but a mite too dressy for the school drop-off/grocery-store/post-office round.

So, I've decided to let it go. It's part of the next round of dresses I've released from the depths of my closet onto eBay (my seller name is, big surprise, dressaday). Some of the other listings are total "why did I buy this"? moments — I hate purple, why on earth did I buy a lavender dress and jacket combo? What mysterious forces led me to buy an earth-tone Eileen Fisher linen turtleneck? (Was I, at that instant, feeling a very chic 55?) Why did I buy a navy dress at the GAP? (Was it a Monica Lewinsky moment? Or was I just seduced by polka dots?) I even listed something I made, this go-round — a blue paisley minidress with vintage buttons. I just never wear it anymore — but somebody should! Anyway. They're all out there now, looking for someone who will love them and wear them, and not someone who will shift them around her closet in exasperation while looking for something else.

I just hope the person who buys this one really loves it, that's all.

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