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by Erin on February 27, 2006

vogue 6785

I am a sucker, a complete and absolute holding-the-title-deed-to-the-Brooklyn-Bridge sucker, for a genre of dress patterns that can only be described as "Space Age Stewardess."

Like this one (which is $12 from Mrs. Cleaver's Kitchen on Ruby Lane). I saw this, and my first thought was "silver Lurex!" As if I ever have an occasion to wear silver Lurex. (We will see Halley's comet again before I have a good excuse to wear silver Lurex. I predict a lot of comet-related fashion then, anyway.) The last time I wore silver fabric of any description, it was a Halloween costume. "Bond girl." And nobody remembers that costume of mine anyway, because my escort to that particular party was Mr. Dress-a-Day, who was wearing black socks, wingtips, a fedora, horn-rim glasses, and an orange polka-dot dress … he was J. Edgar Hoover. (He also carried a pocket tape recorder and asked fellow party-goers if they wanted to hear "Bobby Kennedy doin' it.")

Anyway, I love these dresses (even though I don't think I can wear them especially well) and if I had the time to sew things for a highly speculative career change that involves as a necessary preliminary the development of the interplanetary tourism industry, I would make this up in silver, with a pale blue lining, with some kind of abstract planet-y logo on the matching belt. And then I would float effortlessly through the cabin, reassuring the first-time visitors to Luna Colony that it was an easy flight, nothing to worry about …

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