DVF with butter or hollandaise

by Erin on March 30, 2006

DVF Blondelle dress

Well, thanks to Lisa, I was at the Diane von Furstenberg site, and saw this. Hoo boy, do I love this fabric. The dress is just 'eh', but the FABRIC — who doesn't want to swan around in artichokes bigger than one's head?

Somewhere, I'm sure, there is a fabric store with some roll-ends of this, the proprietors shaking their heads and wondering how they're ever going to get rid of it. I mean, it's not even right for quilting, and quilters will buy anything. (No, seriously. Think of the most appalling fabric possible — maybe dead babies, outlined in gold paint — and someone, somewhere, will have made it, and someone else will have bought it and done a quilt themed around it, and complained that there wasn't matching thalidomide baby fabric to REALLY set it off.) But perhaps this fabric store will be innovative and google "artichoke fabric", whereupon they will find ME, and they will email me to ask if I'm interested, and I will buy six yards and make an enormous circle-skirted artichoke dress and matching artichoke bolero (with the biggest artichoke very carefully centered over the back so as to make people walking behind me ravenously hungry) and I will be happy for the rest of my days.

Hey, it could happen, right? I'm not looking at how much this dress costs, because I don't want to be doing the mental math about how POSSIBLY I could buy one (or three) and take them apart for the fabric. Sheesh.

So: thanks to Lisa for the crazy-making, not that I needed all that much help, actually, and thanks to DVF for GIANT ARTICHOKES!

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