Soul Mate.

by Erin on March 31, 2006

Lord Whimsy

Meredith was kind enough to send me an oblique reference to Lord Whimsy, which of course I pounced upon like a ravening police bloodhound. And I was not disappointed. In fact, I think I might have a slight but pervasive crush on Lord Whimsy, for several reasons. For one, he wears green ties (love!). For another, he says stuff like this:

What I find personally distasteful is when people add to the banality of daily life by not putting anything of themselves into their appearance. When they do put thought into it, it’s often a regurgitation of someone else’s idea of style, letting brand names do the work for them when they could come up with a much more tasteful outfit at a fraction of the cost. We now live in a time when jeans, t-shirts and sunglasses can run into the hundreds of dollars, yet it amazes me how such expensive items can look so cheap. The most tastefully dressed person in a room is now sometimes the one who has spent the least money on his or her clothes, but has expended the most thought.

Which is quite like what I said a few days ago, only I didn't say it as well. Click on the image for more such Whimsy.

He has a new book coming out in August. Which happens to be the month of my birth. Coincidence? I think NOT.

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