That Dress Again, the Midriff One

by Erin on May 23, 2006

ebay item 6274399256

I know I keep coming back to the wide waistband, but with a pattern like this, who could blame me? I wish that this weren't a B32, or that I weren't too lazy to scale it up, because it's just perfect. I think I would even make the jacket with this one, and I never make jackets (see "too lazy" above).

Let's see, what would I make this in? Well, I'd like it in a HUGE houndstooth print for fall (yes, I haven't finished–make that "really even started"–summer sewing yet, and I'm already thinking about fall). You know, a houndstooth where the repeat is about twelve inches? That huge. For summer, I think a very crisp pique (you have to get that A-line skirt to stand out, somehow). If I did pique, I'd pipe the band and the neck in a contrast piping, of course.

ebay item 6252839843
There's also this one, which has an interesting crossover midriff band, which, on the narrow-skirted version, I can't help picturing done belt-style in leather. (Nevermind that sewing leather would basically be euthanasia for my sewing machine.) I'd like a big floral for the full-skirted version …

These are both up on eBay, source of all good things, right now. Click on the images to go to the listings.

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