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by Erin on May 28, 2006

B&W Duro, take 2
Okay, this is hot off the machine, unpressed, threads dangling, and I haven't hemmed or slipstitched the facings yet. But — here it is! I made that pattern, and I'm quite pleased with it!

My thrifty Scots nature won't let me make a "real" muslin — one where I just grab any old piece of fabric that's to hand, and try something out. Oh, no, I have to make something that if it works out okay, I would actually wear, but if it turns into a giant mass of frustration and bollixed seams, I won't cry bitter tears over because I wasted good fabric. So I spend so much time (probably more than it would take me to just make real muslins) finding fabric that I like, but that I don't looooooove. Remnant tables are good for this. So is letting fabric that you loooooved several years ago marinate in a big pile of other fabric, until you can't remember what you were so excited about. It's like seeing an old crush after too much time has passed. Yes, he was an okay guy, but was he really worth those hours of crushing? (Sadly, no.)

This check/plaid is from a big estate sale I went to last summer, and the Hawaiian-themed toile is from the remnant table at Vogue Fabrics. It was supposed to be a skirt, but then I couldn't think of anything clever to do with it, skirt-wise. I don't know why these Duro-clones I keep making are all in black and white — maybe it's like those red plastic thingumbobs they sell to quilters, that block out the fabric colors so you can see if the tones go well together.

Here it is up close:
B&W Duro, take 2

Of course, the next time I make this (which might be tonight, I'm pretty excited about this pattern) I don't think I'll double the sleeve facings, the way they are here. If I did it in silk, I would, but cotton is heavy enough on its own, or could be finished with just a wide bias strip. I may actually cut these short and turn them under to finish them. That way I'll have the weight without the bulk. And the vee is pretty deep — I might easestitch both the facing and the vee, instead of just the facing, to tighten it up a bit and keep it from gapping. Otherwise, it went together well, with a minimum of swearing and ripping. The sleeves, though — next time I will sew them together flat, and then join the underarm seam, because sewing tubes without a free arm is not fun (that was most of the swearing, and all of the ripping).

And as long as I'm posting versions of that McCalls pattern, Gigi (from The Sewing Divas sent me her lovely take on the short-sleeved, all-one-fabric version (and yes, the rule is that if you make this dress you have to take pictures of it in your back yard):
B&W Duro, take 2

Okay, now, when are you going to make one? And what shoes should I wear with this? I was thinking my flat black ankle-strap sandals, but it might call for a pair of heels to make the skirt look right. I'm starting to think wedge espadrilles aren't a totally sucky idea …

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