Whoops, I Did It Again

by Erin on May 29, 2006

brown duro dress
This one is a little more restrained, or at least it seems to me. The bodice and skirt are made from some of the fabric I bought in China, and the front band, sleeves, and hem band are the fabric I bought from Kitty Craft in Korea. I barely had enough of the contrast fabric for the bands, so I lined them in the bodice fabric instead, which actually turned out to be a nice effect.

This went together incredibly quickly the second time (which was why I was able to make two in a day!) and I didn't make many changes. I put the sleeve bands on flat (MUCH easier) and I put in two pockets, instead of one (I've been conditioned to only put in one pocket, since most of my dresses have a zipper on one side. This dress, no zipper! So two pockets.)

I think I will make one more (not today!) and then I'll be done. For a while. I can seriously see myself wearing a variant this dress every day, and that, while amusing, might make me tire of it too quickly. I have to ration myself!

Here's the bodice, to see the contrast a bit better:
brown duro dress

And here's the skirt, to see the other band:
brown duro dress

The next will have more orange, I promise!

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