No Peeking!

by Erin on May 31, 2006

Stripey Eyes dress

I love this dress from Lucitebox Vintage … even though it looks exactly like the skirt is looking right back at you! It reminds me of some kind of Japanese anime character. In fact, I'm almost certain that there has to be some manga or anime somewhere that features an anthropomorphic item of clothing. Probably one that used to belong to some magical (and magically large-breasted) Japanese schoolgirl. (If you know about this, and send me links, please keep them SFW. Thanks!)

In fact, this dress made me think of this:

I'm sure you all see the resemblance.

This dress is a very wearable size (B40/W30) and is only $55! That's not bad for something that includes a built-in surveillance device. (I suppose if you wanted a hidden camera you could replace the black buttons with light gray ones.) And you really can't beat that collar, although I would be tempted to add black buttons to the collar points, to repeat the motif of the skirt …

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