Apron + Dress = Apron Dress!

ebay item 140015591093

Isn't this adorable? Karen just sent it to me, and, although I'm not much of an apron person (if by "not much" you mean "have fewer than two dozen") I'm very tempted by this auction. I'd be even tempted-er if it were my size (it's B28-30; click on the image fast if you want to visit the eBay auction, because it ends before bedtime).

Mostly I'd want to get it just to lengthen it to a dress. Doesn't it look very Duro-y? I love the princess lines and the pockets. I'd do it in blue gingham with pale blue solid for the pockets and tie, widen the tie and probably do a solid band around the bottom. And then I'd go make a pie in it. What more could you want?

0 thoughts on “Apron + Dress = Apron Dress!

  1. I’m just not digging it. I think its because aprons suggest kitchen-type activities, like cooking, which is something that I loathe beyond all reason. I refuse to wear something that might indicate that I ought to be whipping up some delightful treat in the kitchen area of my house.


  2. Do you watch Project Runway? Because this week Heidi had on a Duro-esque dress at judging. I saw it and thought of Dress a Day immediately. Of course, hers had a neckline that plunged to her pipik, but still.


  3. Can I just have a blue gingham apron with solid blue pockets? I make pies a lot, and I really need a stylish apron to wear while preparing for dinner parties. All I have is a Christmas one. Maybe I can make one out of all my favorite cotton scraps…Well, thanks Erin for inspiring me once again!


  4. Well, I do make pies every once in a while (depending on how my waistband feels) and aprons are a must. I think I like this better as a dress, though, considering that my aprons are actually intended to contain a mess.


  5. My 82-year-old mother still wears this style of aprons. They button at the back of the neck, and the rest is open in back. So, you’d better check out the back view of this pattern, if it’s available, before you use it for a dress!


  6. This is very similar to an apron my mum inherited from my great-grandmother when she was pregnant with me. I still haven’t quite forgiven her for throwing it away instead of letting me take it with me when I left home (I used it all the time when cooking… I have an unfortunate habit of wiping my wet or floury hands on my skirts). :)


  7. Click my name to see my favorite apron/dress. I am buying that print for my living room and I am going to make the apron (smock?)that she is wearing. But I love the one you found too.


  8. I love aprons. I’m an artist and so have an excuse to wear an apron every day. I love to wear my blue one with ruffles when I sit and paint outdoors.


  9. It’s cute. I want oneI’m trying so hard not to say something like: ‘Surely you’d be better off baking a pie in a pie-tin rather than an apron.’ Seriously, I’m going to quit after tomorrow.


  10. This apron doesn’t look like it could possibly be open at the back. I love it. I’d make it in a reproduction fabric and use it as an apron. It would make me feel sexy while filling all those Ball jars with lovely, jewel colored concoctions.


  11. It’s a New York Pattern, I’m sorry I don’t remember the pattern number. You might want to look at the Vintage Pattern Wiki (link in sidebar) to see if someone has put it up there.


  12. That style(full apron) is a favorite for us. An apron style called a prairie pinafore apron which is similar but longer(calf length) is a very usefull apron for cooking and cleaning. It gives full protection to dresses as it protects the bodice and as the skirt comes all the way around and nearly meets in the back protects all of the lower part of your dress.Grace.


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