Dot’s right.

by Erin on August 25, 2006

Suzy Perette dot dress

Lisa S. sent me this one, and isn't it gorgeous? I love the bronze-y, milk chocolate color with black dots — so much easier to wear than just plain bronze, because you can always find black shoes. Bronze, not so much.

It's at Cherry Red Vintage, it's B36/W28, and it's only $58, which is really, really good for Suzy Perette. Did I mention it was Suzy Perette? Well, it is. And, in fact, if you click that link above (the "Lisa S." one), you'll see a wonderful article from Baltimore Style (coincidentally, I think that would be a great name for a band) in which her OWN Suzy Perette (with her in it) is featured!

I do believe I have the most stylish readers in the blogosphere …

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