Takes “poodle skirt” to a whole new level. And stays there.

by Erin on August 28, 2006

ebay item 300021231860

You'd think I'd like this, right? I like dresses. I am very fond of dogs (especially other people's). I like novelty prints. So why does this give the me cold heaves? It is most likely the effect of too much, yet not quite enough, realism. Silhouetted poodles? A bit cutesy, but not horror-inducing. Lifelike, yet just, somehow, "off"? Evil. Evil in 100% cotton.

(This distaste for not-quite-there lifelikeness is what causes me to assert that "The Polar Express" is a horror movie.)

Anyway, once you've washed your brain out with soap, dash over to eBay seller timelessvixen's other auctions. She usually has nice things that AREN'T so obviously from Satan's bridge line.

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