Pong Dress (don’t worry, it smells fine)

by Erin on August 29, 2006

ebay item 8305987417

From India comes this dress (here's the Gizmodo video link, which shows it in action). You can play Pong on it.

Now, I do like videogame dresses, I do. But not this one. Why? Because it's nearly impossible to play the game and wear the dress at the same time, which makes you just another piece of furniture, something to be acted upon, instead of acting. How boring is that? Plenty.

Now, make me a dress that I can wear and play Centipede on at the same time, and I will be your minion for … well, for a good long time. Although try to keep the roller ball on the front, will you? It would be uncomfortable to sit on.

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