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by Erin on September 22, 2006

A recent (and anonymous) commenter posted (on the recent "misconceptions" post) that he or she "could have lived without knowing [I was] an athiest."

Why on earth my religion or lack thereof should matter on a blog about dresses, of all things (it's not like I'm claiming to be a prophet of anything other than the essential goodness of full skirts) is unclear to me, but, just so everyone understands, and so no one else feels a stunning sense of hollowness upon learning this belatedly:

First of all, it's ATHEIST. (It's one of those words that isn't "i before e.") And I never said I was one; just that I don't think God (if there is one) bothers too much with what you wear. I think any putative deity would be much more concerned about whether you show sufficient kindness than a little too much leg.

That "if there is one" should have tipped you off (if it matters) that I'm a card-carrying sealed-in-the-temple (and full-immersion-baptized) agnostic; I belong to the First Pentecostal Evangelical United Agnostic Church of We're-Not-Sure, which holds services whenever it gets around to it and has a very, very short Catechism. (Q. What do we believe? A. We don't know.)

Funnily enough, if you image-google "god dress" one of the pics that comes up is this one, even though I couldn't find the text "god" on the page:

technofur dress

Which, as you might remember, I wrote about here. I might say something about "moving in mysterious ways" or something "being a sign" but that would be unnecessarily provocative, don't you think?

To sum up: if your life is enriched by a strong religious faith, I am very happy for you. I have been privileged to know many sincerely religious people who are kind, thoughtful, and generous, and who live lives that anyone would be proud to emulate. I envy them their faith and certainty, and I am exceedingly grateful to them for not pressuring me to resolve my lack of certainty, because I can't believe (get it?) that will happen any time soon (as I have no plans for a trip to Damascus).

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled semi-Godless posting about dresses. (Although you should really click on that dress link above, if you haven't already. Did you know it's made of "Technofur"?)

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