Five Things I Will Never Buy Again

by Erin on September 24, 2006

After moving, I have come to the realization that I have actually achieved a gracious sufficiency (and more) of most of the things that it is possible to have (the two notable exceptions being dresses and books, of which too much is never enough). For instance, I really, really do not need to ever buy another pair of patterned shoes (even ones like this):

delman flats

I believe now I have a pair of patterned shoes in most possible colorways and I barely, if ever, wear them.

I'm also not buying any more barrettes or hairclips. I could probably outfit an eight-year-old's slumber party with what I've got now, and my hair has been short for at least a couple of years. Not even sparkly Hello Kitty clips from Japan. Really. I swear.


Neither am I buying (or hopefully, causing to be bought) any more THEMED SOCKS:


I never wear them. I mean, NEVER, unless the house is freezing and nobody's done any laundry. I have several pairs that have never been opened. I think I have come around to the philosophy that funny socks are not for me. (Actually, I've always thought so, but, as with the bananas, I gave into other people asking me to try them. How do you turn down a five-year-old boy giving you Supergirl socks? You do not.) I like white socks, and I like (when necessary) black trouser socks, but considering how long it's been since I wore *trousers*, that hasn't come up in a while.

It's still open season on patterned tights, though. Those are always good.

And speaking of trousers, I don't think I'm buying any more of those, either. I don't wear them; I don't even think about wearing them, and yet I moved half-a-dozen pairs. I have a pair of wide-legged black wool, no cuffs; a pair of narrow-legged black wool; a pair of wide-legged gray wool, cuffs; and a pair of black silk toreador pants. And a pair of tuxedo pants. And a couple of pairs of jeans in various sizes, ranging from "only in your dreams, dress-girl" to "you and a friend can wear me." I think the pants just hang in the closet and look sulkily at the dresses. The last time I wore the gray ones I wore them with a chunky chartreuse wool short-sleeve turtleneck — that should tell you how long it's been.


And this last is more of a "shouldn't buy" than a "won't buy" — NO. MORE. BEADS. At least until I finish making something, anything, out of the drawerful I moved (and, of course, spilled). No more beads! Not even ones like this:


There. I think, instead of keeping a "Want List," I'm going to start keeping a "Don't Want" list. Think of all the things I could put on it! No more knit fabrics until I sew what I have. No more bad chocolate–wait for the good stuff or nothing. Nothing with a logo (that's been on my list FOREVER). What would be on your "don't want" list?

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