Blue Flowers!

by Erin on September 25, 2006

blue roses fabric

Mina sent me a link to this *great* fabric store, Make Me! Fabrics. They have a walk-in-and-look around store in NC, and a click-around store at that link right there. They also have blue roses fabric, and I am a gaping, open-mouthed sucker for blue roses. I don't know what it is. "They're roses — and they're BLUE!" I swear I don't like other unusually blue things. I never drank Pepsi Blue (well, neither did anyone else) and I hate that those blue raspberry Slurpees have driven out Coke Slurpees in finer 7-11s and movie theatres everywhere. It's just blue roses that I like. (Although, just thinking "blue flowers" gets that Dr. Octagon song into my head, which more of a side effect than a bonus.)

Make Me! seems to post new fabric all the time … seriously, Mina just sent this link a couple days ago and they already had new stuff when I went to write this up. They're in a part of NC that has/had a lot of textile mills, so they keep turning up more stuff. (Being from NC myself, I have a feeling I know exactly what garages, garden sheds, disused tobacco barns, and attics the retired millworkers might have kept the leftovers that came home from the mills. Covered in kudzu, the Carolina-blue or Wolfpack-red pickup parked outside …)

Anyway, they have modern fabric & trim, too … check 'em out!

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