gratuitous fabric posting/taunting

by Erin on October 29, 2006

thai silks fabric

I just bought some of this (from Thai Silks). Was it on sale? Yes. Do I know what I'm going to do with it? No. Will it probably involve a midriff band? Yes.

Sometimes a piece of fabric will say "BUY ME" (in a kind of James Earl Jones, stentorian voice) and when I say "For what, pray tell?" it answers "That's for me to know and you to find out!", and then it giggles (while still sounding like James Earl Jones). And I have to say, when I ignore that fabric-voice, I always regret it. Because sometime soon after I run across the pattern that fabric was destined to be, and when I go back to find the fabric it's GONE. Whoosh! Vanished without a trace. Occasionally the store clerk will even deny all knowledge of said fabric. ("No, honey, we've never had that pattern here." [rolls eyes])

What does this fabric say to you? (Thai Silks also has it in "almond," too:

thai silks fabric

The almond didn't demand to be bought, though, so I left it on the (virtual) shelf.

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