what the heck, let’s just make this Fabric Week, okay?

by Erin on October 30, 2006

Harmony Art

Everyone okay with me just declaring this Fabric Week at A Dress A Day? Sarah sent me the link to this company, Harmony Art; they were a nominee for Co-op America's People's Choice award for the greenest companies — and that's green as in "ecological", not the color — and, well, I like this fabric. I like it a great deal. And it's intended for home furnishings (I have no fear of looking like a well-upholstered sofa, obviously) so it's 90" wide. Oooooh! So nice not to have to wiggle with the cutting layouts for a REALLY big skirt!

I'm not entirely sure what the scale of this pattern is, but, frankly, I don't care. If the flowers are as big as my head? Fine. Size of a quarter? Fine. Just sign me up when it becomes available …

I also like this pattern:

Harmony Art

Although I'm not a huge fan of purple. In fact, I'm not even a casual fan of purple. In fact, when purple comes on the radio, I change the station. (And yes, yes, I know about the "when I am an old lady" poem, and frankly, when I am an old lady I will still be wearing huge polka dots. I hope.)

Come back tomorrow for more fabric here during FABRIC WEEK! (See, doesn't it look more official in all-caps?)

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