New (Old) Duro Variation

by Erin on November 21, 2006

decades of style

Su-Ying sent me a link to Ageless Patterns, where I found this beauty (which is, in fact, from Decades of Style; click on the image to visit their site).

Doesn't this look like the bodice to a new and exciting Duro-style dress?

After doing some due diligence I think I'm going to buy this one, and convert it into a dress. I think I can Frankenstein the skirt from the McCalls Duro (which I love) and have a fun new variation! I love that the sleeves on this one are a bit narrower, and the neckline a bit higher.

To put the other skirt on this bodice, I think that I will (and I'm VERY happy to hear alternate suggestions) take the midriff pieces of the other bodice and true the bottom of this one to it, then proceed from there. Don't worry, I'll make a muslin … and I think I'll probably lengthen the skirt a bit, to give it a more Edwardian feel. I'd love to make one in brown and cream, as I have a pair of brown and cream spectator shoes that would be a perfect complement … I also have some gorgeous green velvet that I could find a green jacquard to match, if I wanted to be fancy.

I still haven't done the Big Duro Roundup, but I have high hopes of taking some pictures over the holiday. And, speaking of which, I won't be posting Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday, as I'll have lots and lots of houseguests! My husband is doing the actual cooking (turducken, baby!) save for the pies, which are my bailiwick. So tune in tomorrow, but after that I will be taking a tryptophan-induced break for a few days.

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