Tie (or button) one on

by Erin on November 28, 2006

Hollywood pattern

Nora sent me this pattern. I probably wouldn't have looked twice at it if someone hadn't sent it to me; I'm not a huge apron aficionado, and this is a little earlier, decade-wise, than the silhouette I'm usually hunting for.

However, after a in-depth study of the pattern illustration, I will admit to a strong desire to make this dress. In fact, I really, really want to make it in digital camouflage:

digital camo

Complete with white frilly apron, of course! Or maybe not. But definitely in camo. (I really enjoy making girly stuff out of camo. In fact, yesterday I wore my camo circle skirt — I usually wear it when I have to fly, because if they are going to make me participate in their security theater, then I want to look the part.)

However, this pattern's eBay auction will be over really fast (like, tomorrow) and I have about six dozen projects in the "urgent: sew me next!!!" pile, so I'm passing. If you buy it, and make it in camo, send me a picture, okay?

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