Enormous Dress Art Post

by Erin on March 19, 2007

Leigh Pennebaker

Nancy sent me the link to the artist above, Leigh Pennebaker (warning, Flash-heavy site; easier to read about her here) who makes wire form dresses. I think this one is called "Bridget."

Sandra (and others) sent me a link to this marvelous artist, Susan Stockwell(very sensible site) who makes dresses from maps, like so:

Susan Stockwell

Theresa sent this, but it was forwarded to her without a good attribution; if anyone knows anything about the artist will you tell me, so I can link it here?

wood artist

And George (link is to his wife's new book, Momfidence) sent me a reference to the Zenith Gallery in DC, where Donna M. McCullough is showing her dress-themed work. This piece is called "Dancing With the Moon":

Donna M. McCullough

Got any other dress artists you'd like to recommend? Leave links in the comments …

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