*&%$!?@! I missed it.

by Erin on May 30, 2007

punctuation dress

Li Chan sent me a link to this dress a few days ago, but the seller, Affaire d'Amour Vintage, set a Buy-It-Now price that was, astoundingly, less than $20, so someone else got to it first. Not that I'm bitter, or anything. (Although on a closer read of the auction text, it turns out that the dress is polyester knit, so I probably *wouldn't* have BIN-ned it. I don't do polyester knit.)

However, this print is so cute. Any of you type-heads out there want to ID the font? That "fat" question mark should be a giveaway, right?

punctuation dress

You know that "SWAP" meme that's going around? Where you sew a certain number of coordinating items, and they they're judged, and the winner gets a gift certificate? (There are a couple of them, I'm too lazy to google for them, extra credit for those who do so and put the links in the comments …) I'd love to do a SWAP with a "typography" theme and have a little jacket and skirt combo with comma-shaped pockets, and a couple alphabet-print dresses, and so forth. The one thing that holds me back from SWAP-ping (aside from the complete and total lack of a spare hour in any day between now and the 4th of July) is that they all want you to sew tops, and I just don't sew tops. I make dresses, I make skirts, I buy t-shirts and cardigans, I'm done. This is not A Blouse A Day, after all …

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