Decisions, (hypothetical) Decisions

by Erin on June 21, 2007

It's a toss-up, really as to which of these two patterns I crave more. Do I want the little wing├ęd sleeves and gorgeous shirred bodice of this number:

McCalls 9379

Or do I want the dramatic deep banded vee of this one?

McCalls 9427

It is, alas, purely an academic question, as they are both B30, and despite having saved links to online that explains how to grade patterns, I don't actually do so. So I've just put out some feelers … these have to have been made in other sizes, at some point, right?

Thanks to Rachel for the link — click on the images to go to the Etsy site for fourlittlesparrows. She's got some other nice patterns listed, too … and they're VERY reasonable. I think these are eight bucks.

Also, a couple people asked me about the fabric for the dress I wore yesterday at Tools of Change. It's this, which I thought I had posted about before, but sadly can't find the entry for now.

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