Elegance *and* pockets!

by Erin on June 26, 2007

Vogue 9399

Reader Elizabeth sent me a link to the Etsy store that has this pattern — it's called, unsurprisingly, patternshop. Some nice stuff, but what really caught my eye was this dress. I love the lines of it.

Despite the fact that I usually wear big ol' skirts and vintage-y details, I have a secret hidden Calvin-Kleinesque minimalist buried under the novelty prints, hoping someday to escape into something like this.

My inner minimalist wants this in gunmetal-gray textured silk (and she doesn't want the jacket, thanks for asking). She doesn't want the hat, either, or the corsage, but she might, possibly, maybe, after careful consideration, put some black silk piping at those shoulder seams and around the neck. Nowhere else. And of course, since this dress has pockets, she wouldn't carry a bag. She wouldn't wear an armful of bangles, either, but instead one large blackened-silver cuff, gorgeously grotesque and almost Giger-like in design. (I haven't figured out the shoes yet, but when I do, I'll let you know.)

Of course, since my inner minimalist almost never gets to come out, she'll continue to think about this dress while reading philosophy and listening to aleatory music in her cell, hidden behind the bolts of silly fabric. She doesn't mind. She likes the quiet.

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