A Dress A Day: Shameless Commerce

by Erin on July 19, 2007

So, one of the things I buy by the dozen are tape measures. Seriously. I have them in every bag, in every coat pocket, in every room of the house … not because I'm an undercover agent for the BIPM, but because I'm a huge proponent of the "measure twice, cut once" school of EVERYTHING. (Although you're supposed to do the "measuring twice" with the SAME tape measure, occasionally I switch it up a bit.)

I am also a proponent of the "measure it once standing in the aisle at the store and then you don't have to try it on!" school of shopping. With a convenient, pocket-sized tape measure, I can avoid struggling into things that fit at the waist but laugh at my hips, or that absolutely, positively, will be too long shoulder-to-waist. So I carry one all the time.

And now, thanks to the wonders of promotional merchandise, you can too! If you click on that image of the tape measure above, you can buy a handy Dress A Day branded tape measure, for only US$5 (including shipping, yep, even internationally! Illinois residents will be charged 6.5% sales tax). This offer good only on planet Earth.

Because I still haven't done anything about the t-shirts, this will be your only chance for a little while to have Official Dress a Day Merchandise. And I only ordered 300 of these, so grab 'em while they're hot!

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