Would someone please throw a party?

by Erin on July 25, 2007

ebay item 120144108018

Seriously, would someone throw a party? I know at least five people who need an excuse to wear this dress. We may have to wait a while, because flocked gingham (flocked TAFFETA gingham) isn't really a late-July, early-August kind of thing, but still.

Here are the requirements for the kind of party needed to showcase this dress:

  • grown-up drinks
  • soft lights
  • 'sophisticated' canap├ęs, circa 1955 — e.g., pigs in blankets
  • a nice low armless chair so you can sit and spread out the skirt
  • red lipstick

That last requirement is for the wearer, not the party … not everyone at the party has to wear red lipstick, although it wouldn't hurt. But seriously, that's it. How hard is that?

This dress is from seller Tori at Flashbak58 Bombshell Frocks, and it's a nice larger size … B42,W34!

The only thing is that I'm late posting this so there's only half a day left in the auction (I don't usually like to post things with less than three days to go …). Click on the image to grab your winter party frock now …

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