How Many Ways?

by Erin on October 25, 2007

McCalls 5274

Not only does this pattern description (from Out of the Ashes) use one of my favorite words (plastron, 'an ornamental front of a woman's bodice or shirt') but it also seems to be a dress that just cries out for multiple iterations.

Whenever I buy a new pattern (or merely think of buying a new pattern) I sit down (metaphorically) and try to work through all the different ways I'd like to make it.

This one, although I'm not sure exactly how it goes together (there's a back pattern view available but it's a bit small and I can't puzzle out the pieces) suggests to me, just to start:

– a black dress with white plastron, and vice-versa
– a blue dress with a darker blue (or maybe even a yellow) plastron
– edging the plastron with piping or rickrack
– solid dress, gingham plastron, and vice-versa
– coordinating prints of some kind
– border print along bottom of full skirt AND bottom of plastron (curved around plastron? — probably impossible)
– black silk with giant jeweled button
– white pique, edged in red/white trim at neck, sleeves, and hem, with red patterned button
– floral silk with artificial flower instead of button
– ombre fabric going from dark to light on both skirt and plastron
– print fabric to look like TV 'snow' and have button be flashing LED light (awesome, impractical)

As you can see, I like to work from the conventional to the un-. But if I find that I can only see a pattern ONE way, I try not to buy it. Why limit yourself?

Other suggestions gladly taken in the comments. (And by the way, this pattern is still available, $10, B34. Click on the image to visit the page.)

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