So Wrong It’s Right

by Erin on December 14, 2007

Yeti skirt

Okay. Admit it. You would love to have one of these skirts, right? I'd wear mine to scare small children into behaving (and to make offhand vagina dentata jokes). Wouldn't you?

Even better, the eyes are POCKETS. Yep, you can put your hands in there and direct your skirt's monstrous gaze all about the room.

Of course, this skirt (designed by JC de Castelbajac, and boy, I'd love to hang out with him, he sounds like a fun guy) is £375. Yep, that's right, nearly $800 bucks. The site (click on the image to visit it) suggests that it should be worn right below the bust, so that the fullest part of the skirt is at your hips (although they didn't show it on the mannequin that way).

I don't think that they went far enough, though. Why not make this in shaggy fake fur? Preferably green or pink? And then if anyone ever asked you where you got it, you could say, "Well, first I had to shoot a Muppet …"

(Thanks so much to Robin for sending this …)

And, in today's shameless begging for money for homeless women veterans, I thought about writing a drabble around this skirt, but it would just be "NOM NOM NOM" a hundred times … and of course I STILL cannot figure out what happened with that darn Paypal button. Obviously, Paypal hates me and all my works, but if you still want to donate via Paypal, you can use the email address on this page … and because of some "off-widget" donations, we're really at $1382 (not $1220) right now! That's less than $125 to go!

and here's the link directly to the ChangingThePresent page … Thank you!

Oh, and for those of you asking if there's going to be a Secret Lives of Dresses *book*, not just the drabbles and the daybook, the plan right now is that it's going to be a real, live NOVEL. Srsly. I can't say anything more without jinxing it (and I probably have just by saying this much) but as soon as I can announce something, I will. In VERY LARGE TYPE. Promise.

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