What’s Up, Buttercup?

by Erin on February 19, 2008

Butterick 3548

Now, usually I'm a fan of the florals. I like flowers (and puppies, and babies, and long walks on the beach …) but I like them in their place. Not as the place. This dress gives me Day of the Triffids flashbacks, which are not good things to have.

Of course, it's technically not a dress, but a beach coverup (which explains the barefooted model, if not her biceps bracelet; nothing short of enslavement by Jabba the Hut explains the biceps bracelet). Perhaps the petaled hat (and petaled cape collar) keeps out the sun (and gives you REALLY odd tan lines).

I like how the full-on daisy on the left is labeled "JUNIORS" while the yellow version, ostensibly more sedate, is labeled "MISSES". Yes, you need this guidance, because heaven forbid you dress up as a TOO-YOUNG Giant Flower. A scandalized hiss would run through the cabanas!

Thanks to Stacie for the link … the pattern is from Etsy seller joules (and has already sold, but she has OTHER patterns …)

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