Tucks Everlasting

by Erin on June 27, 2008


I don't think I've talked about how much I love tucks. There's no reason for it; I just do. And tucks combined with a Peter Pan collar … whoa, Nellie. (Why is this one too small for me? Why?)

I even love the faux dickey. Weirdly, I don't like real dickeys, but give me a faker version of an essentially fake thing, and I'm all over it.

This one is from Jen at MOMSPatterns.com, and I would just like to taunt you all with the fact that when I was in Florida last week I MET JEN. And, as will surprise NO ONE, she is awesome. That is all.

Actually, that is not all; I've been traveling a lot and have realized that I have a strange habit of smiling at people on the street (even in NYC where you're not supposed to). I'm trying to make a list of things/people I will smile at, and here's a start:

  • babies (no brainer)
  • people who are wearing more than two very bright colors at the same time
  • older men (>65) who are wearing non-baseball hats
  • older women (>65) with "done" hair ("ladies", really)
  • anyone wrassling a tantrumy toddler (they need all they sympathy they can get)
  • anyone I catch rolling their eyes at some obliviously rude person, like someone gesticulating with a lit cigarette on a crowded sidewalk
  • robots (okay, I haven't really met any robots on the street, but if I did, I would smile at them. Even if they had their lasers trained on me.

What's your list? Is there anything you used to smile at but don't anymore? I used to smile at young people dressed in full traditional punk-rock garb, but then I realized that smiling at them in the "aw, you're so adorable with your safety pins and your black eyeliner!" way only pissed them off. So now I pretend to ignore them, and they're happy again.

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