Comic Con Dresses Are the Best Dresses

by Erin on July 28, 2008

Kristen is a very, very lucky person. First of all, she was lucky enough to find this fabric on eBay:

comics fabric

Then, she was lucky enough to go to Comic Con, which I have always wanted to do … not just for the comics, but for the clothes. I mean costumes. Whatever.

And finally, she (naturally) decided that a trip to Comic Con needed a new dress, and made this one:

comics dress

Hmm, perhaps now that I think about this, it might not be luck — it's starting to look suspiciously like good planning and hard work … which is even more impressive!

You should totally go check out Kristen's blog) to see the side and back views and the awesome red shoes she chose to go with the dress, too.

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