Utterly Great

by Erin on October 13, 2008

Ingrid (and Erin, and Mary Beth, and Livebird, and Lisa, and Cindy) sent me this link, to Jodie's selvedge dress:

selvedge dress

This is, as you can plainly see with your own eyes, magnificent. I hereby crown Jodie Queen of Doing Cool Stuff for this week (with the power vested in me by … well, by nobody, but that's beside the point). Anyone who can do this is the Queen of Doing Cool Stuff by general acclamation.

And you have GOT to click on the image to see all the other pictures. The fabulosity quotient here is very high. (Pregnant women and those with heart conditions should fortify themselves with chocolate before clicking through.)

I really, really, really hope that Alexander Henry or Michael Miller or SOMEBODY gets the hint here and does a fabric that's all selvage/selvedges as a boon to all of use who are too lazy to save ours …

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