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by Erin on October 14, 2008

It took more than a year of watching and waiting, but finally THIS PATTERN is mine:

McCalls 9379

And I bought it from Wonderful Wiki Contributor Birgit/Tarna's eBay store, which only makes it better. (She also has a Main Street Malls store.)

I love this dress so much. I think it's because (even though the model in the illustration is clearly an ingenue) this seems like a very attractive (okay, let's admit it: sexy) dress for a woman, not just a girl. Think a kind of lush, mid-career Elizabeth Taylor; before women past 35 were encouraged to inject their foreheads with toxins lest — heaven forbid — they showed a creased visage (or attempted to raise their eyebrows).

And is it wrong that I want to make this dress in every color (starting with orange)? Possibly best not to answer that.

If this pattern makes you long to buy some patterns yourself, you're in luck: Janet at Lanetz Living is running a sale (while she goes off to welcome her fourth grandchild into the world — congratulations!). It's
25% off … just use the code sale25 (make sure it is all one word) and it will be deducted for you. Sale will end at midnight CST on Nov 2nd. You might want to start your browsing with this one

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