A Dress A Day: An Artist’s Rendering

by Erin on October 27, 2008

So, didja miss me? Sorry to be AWOL for most of last week — I was at Pop!Tech08, and Pop!Tech is the kind of conference that is so engrossing you forget about the entire outside world, including your sadly neglected blog.

I talked for five minutes (and possibly some seconds over, although nobody would tell me how many). One of the many cool things about Pop!Tech is that they have a real live artist interpreting all the talks … Peter Durand, from alphachimp.

So I wore this dress:

liberty shirtdress

And this is the artist's rendering:

wordnik dress

I should point out that I wore blue tights and brown shoes, and not brown tights and blue shoes as shown in the picture, but I think that's permissible artistic license. And it's not like I *wouldn't* have worn perfectly matching blue shoes if I only had a pair …

Cool, huh? I think the artist really rose to the occasion — and remember, I spoke for FIVE MINUTES, so he had just that long to do this picture in!

With any luck this week we will return to our regularly scheduled dress blogging. Also: I'm working on a rant about underwear: do you guys want to read it?

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