My Airship Hostess Dream: One Step Closer to Reality

by Erin on October 29, 2008

Simplicity 4378

Wundermary sent me this link (from the wiki) and it's a fantastic airship-hostess dress. I love the asymmetry, especially the pocket.

I think that dirigibles (or airships, or, if you prefer the vulgar term, "blimps") are making a comeback, too … there was one in xkcd this week, and nobody predicts the future like Randall. And there are rumors that Google is investing in airships, too …

So if none of my current projects pan out, there is a definite future for me as an airship hostess. I am *really* looking forward to giving the safety demonstrations. (Traditionally, as you know, the safety demonstrations on airships are done as patter songs, so I will have to take a few singing lessons first. But it will be SO worth it.)

And, as you can see on the pattern, my supervisor's name is very likely to be "Betty Smith."

Oh, and some sale info for you: first of all, Jen is running an "Only Hours Long" sale at that will end at the witching hour of midnight EST on Halloween Friday, October 31, 2008. Save 25% off any order starting *right now* … but the code will vanish into the mist as the clock strikes 12 a.m. Coupon code will be 'bewitched'.

Also, Sandra at Sandritocat is running a special Halloween sale, 15% off excluding shipping, starting TODAY October 29th and running through October 31st. Just mention "Halloween15" in your notes. Sandra is also looking for her 700th sale and a special bonus will be going out to the lucky 700th buyer … and I think this pattern would make an excellent 700th sale!

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