Blue Gardenia’s Sale …

by Erin on December 27, 2008

Vogue 7687

Denise at Blue Gardenia is having her yearly sale … here are the details:

Another shameless plug. Forgive me. Please. But the mortgage must be paid. The pups must have their treats. And His Bertness has a fondness for Haagen Dazs. Oh, the list, it is endless. Truly.
So. Take your seats. The curtain's rising. The drums are rolling. Etc.
I announce, without further ado, The Blue Gardenia's once-a-year sale. And it's a doozy. Really. Purchase any three items — patterns, jewelry, mix and match — and get 33 percent off. Yup. 33 percent. Is that fabulous or what? You can buy ten, twenty, thirty items, forty even, and you'll get 33 percent off the total price. And your purchase will come lovingly shipped, as always. The patterns carefully stored in archival wrap with backing boards, the jewelry in classy boxes. And you don't have to stand in line with the riff raff. No pushing. No shoving. No smelly armpits or aching, swollen feet.

Early next week I'll choose the winners of the best/worst present ever contest … so there's still time to look at your haul from Thursday and say "What were they thinking?"

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WhiteStone December 28, 2008 at 7:00 am

I love the vintage dresses…the problem is that I am vintage enough myself that they would not look nearly so lovely on me as they do on the pattern envelopes. LOL


Coffee with Cathy December 29, 2008 at 5:31 am

Love the worst gift/best gift comments, especially Brenda’s and MsManners. Please do not send me this pattern (!!!), but I do want to weigh in and say that the worst gift I ever got was when I was still married to my first husband and he gave me a laundry hamper — even hauled it three hours away so I could open it at his family’s Christmas. Very strange.


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