Knits: the next frontier

by Erin on January 29, 2009

Liberty Jupiter

I was lucky enough to get an eBay gift card for Christmas … well, actually, it was intended for both me and my husband, but I appropriated it immediately and he didn't squeak — he's not what you would call a big eBay shopper. And I figured I would spend it on — what else? — fabric. Namely, Liberty.

I fell in love with this pattern, and realized too late that it's jersey knit. I don't really sew with knits. I mean, I have done, but I've never really ENJOYED it. I even got rid of my serger last year, since I do so little knit-sewing. But for this fabric, I will make an exception. What kind of exception, I don't know (well, I know it's not going to be an elastic-waist skirt, I have it narrowed down that much). I'm thinking I'll be doing a lot of browsing over on BurdaStyle; they have great patterns for knits. I want a dress (duh) and I want pockets (double duh) which are hard to manage in knits, I think. (Maybe I'll line them with organza?) But I'll make it work. Fuchsia-style. Just watch me … on a significant time delay, since there are about 677 projects in front of this one. But still! Knits!

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