The Dress A Day T-Shirt!

by Erin on March 20, 2009

dressaday t-shirt

Is here!

Some facts:

– They're $15. Shipping (in the US) is $5.50.
– They're being made by Melanie at Cluster of Parrots, a small, mom-owned business.
– We did end up going with the American Apparel (#2102) tees. (And yes, we know that there are a lot of issues with AA. We totally understand if that makes you not want to buy one.)
– The sizing is: M (B 32-34), L (B 36-38), XL (B 40-42), and 2XL (B 44-46). If you fall outside the size range, I'm very sorry. When we make men's- or kids'-size shirts, maybe they'll work.
– We haven't done totebags or magnets or stickers or buttons/badges or whatnot — all good suggestions, and maybe we'll do them soon …
– Yes, you can get them shipped internationally! (email Melanie through her site for details.)

Click on the image to visit the store.

I know this is a t-shirt, and not a dress. If there were a way for me to do official Dress A Day Dresses without making it my full-time job, I'd do it, I promise. And it's not fabric, although I hope to have Dress A Day fabric (done through Spoonflower) sometime this summer. (We had a looong discussion about all these things when we first broached the idea of t-shirts.)

If you are constitutionally opposed to t-shirts, American Apparel, the color pink, cotton as a fiber, or buying silly things in a recession, please — for both of our sakes' — don't buy one. (Buy a measuring tape instead. It's *useful*.)

If you want to make your own shirt, let me know and I'll see about getting you the logo in a format suitable for iron-on printing or (if you're really cool) silk-screening.

If you buy a shirt and turn it INTO a dress (as several folks threatened to do) then YES I WANT PICTURES please!

Many thanks to everyone who 1) asked for a Dress A Day t-shirt 2) gave feedback and voted in the poll and 3) kept nagging me about it until it happened!

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