The Dress I am Wearing RIGHT NOW

by Erin on April 21, 2009

Is this one:

blue deco dress

It's from fabric I bought in China, and it's the same pattern (Vogue 9670) as this dress.

Here's the neck facing, which is a bright pink that matches the pink in the flowers:

blue deco dress

And the back:

blue deco dress

I actually had fun matching the print here, on the center front and back seams. It wasn't as nit-picky or as tedious as I imagined it would be, maybe because the repeat of the pattern is a manageable size.

What I didn't do very well was the zipper:

blue deco dress

The hem is done with pale blue bias tape but the sleeves are done with a pale aqua bias tape. Because I had some left over, and because it looked cool. (You can see that in the top photo.)

This is a really comfortable dress — so comfortable, in fact, that I've made it four times now. I'm wearing the next two over the next few days, and I'll post pictures of them tomorrow and Thursday!

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