We’ll Always Have Paris

by Erin on April 29, 2009

Vogue 6797

MANY thanks to Kay, who sent the link to this pattern this morning.

I feel that I should find this pattern in my size and make it up immediately, in case we are ever invaded and I find myself leading a cell of the Resistance. (I used to be obsessed with resistance narratives, especially Story of a Secret State and The Long Walk where people walk from Siberia to India. Okay, maybe I'm still obsessed.)

My point is, with this dress, the beret, and the jaunty neckerchief, I would SO be a leader of the Resistance. I'd have some unobjectionable cover story — running an orphanage? Where some of the "children" were actually "little people" AND demolition experts? — but in reality, I'd be obtaining false papers, robbing weapons transports, engaging in acts of sabotage, and using those fantastic pockets to hide my snub-nosed derringer. (And as long as I'm writing this, at some point, I get to fly a prop plane.)

Too bad my twin sister, the quisling in yellow, tries to betray me. Luckily, we knew she was up to no good, so we distracted her with a decoy mission while spiriting the real fugitives out of the country (that's where the prop plane comes in).

Or, you know, you could just make this dress and become the leader of something else (Resistances being fewer and farther between these days). Good luck!

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