Now All I Need is A Ball To Attend

by Erin on May 14, 2009

Vogue 890

Thanks to Lulu Yen, I know now of the existence of Vogue 890. Sadly, the one above on eBay isn't my size, but I'll get you, my pretty. I will.

So the plan is:

– get pattern in my size, or a close approximation thereof
– make pattern in fantastic fabric (maybe my brown roses fabric, which is still looking for a home?)
– await invitation to ball, which at this point is going to be one I attend as the duenna of my granddaughter, but that's okay. (For point of reference: my son is nine.)
– attend ball, carrying numerous useful items (sewing kit, handkerchief, cough drops, band-aids, bowling ball) in my capacious POCKETS!

I think it's a very good plan. What say you?

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