This Week’s Pattern Story (and sale)

by Erin on May 15, 2009

Simplicity 3893

Jimmy: Why am I in this dress, again?

Janie: Because it's a movie, doofus. This kind of stuff happens in movies. You want to get into someplace that's all-girls, and I just *happen* to have a dress (and shoes!) that fit you perfectly, despite us being completely different sizes.

Jimmy: Why did I want to come with you?

Janie: Do I have to do everything in this plot? Am in voiceover right now? Do I have a name badge that says "Ask me to provide exposition?"

Jimmy: No, really, I don't know.

Janie: (heavy sigh) See that girl behind me? You loooooove her. Despite the fact that she can't accessorize.

Jimmy: Oh, okay. Thanks.


Jimmy: All right, what do we do now?

Janie: Count to three, then duck before the explosion. When the rubble clears, go help her up. Then kiss.

Jimmy: I just want to be sure I have this straight. Kiss HER, right?

Janie: Next time I want to be in a werewolf movie.

[This pattern — and a lot of other lovely ones! — is on sale today and tomorrow at Sandritocat's Etsy shop! 20%, plus she offers free shipping with three or more patterns. Mention "20% off sale" in the notes section and then either wait for a revised invoice, or Sandra will refund the difference through Paypal. Enjoy!]

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