This Week’s Pattern Story (and interview)

by Erin on May 20, 2009

McCalls 8468

Daughter: Ooh, look, Mummy, over there. Isn't he dreamy?

Mother: Haven't I told you not to use that terrible slang? But, hmm. "Dreamy" may be apt, in this case.

Daughter: Can you get the majordomo to introduce us?

Mother: Certainly not. Only pitiful and desperate women need the services of the majordomo, dear. Besides, you have to tip him so much. If I can't get that man to come over here and introduce himself before the band finishes this song through pure application of my feminine wiles, I'll eat my hat.

Daughter: But, Mummy, you're not wearing a hat.

Mother: I'll eat YOUR hat. It doesn't go with your dress, anyway.

(Today's pattern is from Rita. You can find it here.)

Oh, and the lovely Sarah at Pink of Perfection put up a nice interview with me the other day — it's here if you want to read it!

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