Robots 4 U

by Erin on July 29, 2009

Moving has eaten my brain PLUS I'm traveling for work this week, so in place of any coherent post, I bring you ROBOT ART, courtesy of Etsy. (As always, click on the images to visit the listings.)

robots and blasters

Robots in love. With guns. What is better than that? Nothing.

robots and commerce

These are the robots capitalism was supposed to bring us. Where are they?

robots yelling

Even robots get cranky.

robot earrings

Awwwww, robot earrings!

robot earrings

Robots + cupcakes, two great memes that taste great together!

And one last one:

robot fabric

Robot fabric! I wish there was more than one yard …

Here's hoping that robots put YOU in a good mood, too. Happy Wednesday!

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